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Could it be true? Could there be an as-yet-unheard-of MINI variant added to the pile? Spy pics of some yellow beastly thing wearing a MINI front and rear have a few folks wondering if MINI might make a Moke. The original MINI Moke from the sixties was an offroad vehicle that Alec Issigonis was trying to sell to the military. We doubt BMW would have any such aims for a Moke revival, but at the very least it could be a much more capable four-wheeler than the Crossman/Monte looks like it's going to be. A "possible retractable hard-top convertible, or a stripped down, open-air speedster variant," and even the possibility of a small truck bed have been thrown into the guessing game basket. Or, as ever, it could just be a test mule and mean nothing at all. But knowing MINI, we doubt it. Oh, and BMW might also want to change the car's name: moke means adull or boring person, adonkey, or an old, broken-down horse.

[Source: Winding Road]
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