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Click above to jump to the video of the Pagani test mule

AMG put too much work into developing the engine for the Mercedes SLR McLaren for the mighty motor to be tossed aside when the ill-fated supercar is replaced by the SL65 Black Series. So what will become of the SLR's supercharged V8? An amateur spy video posted on YouTube might have the answer.

A couple of weeks ago we brought you news that Pagani had renewed its engine partnership with Mercedes AMG, but what we didn't know then was what powerplant the wizards in Affalterbach were planning for Pagani's next exotic supercar. In the spy video after the jump, you can see a developmental test mule running around near the Pagani workshop wearing the Zonda's body panels like a kid in his father's suit. It's conspicuously missing the Zonda's trademark high-mounted garbage-pail exhaust tunnel. Speculation based on the engine note suggests that the test mule could be running the SLR's kompressor eight, which could hold promise for a more compact and nimble successor to the ferocious Pagani Zonda.

Gallery: Pagani Zonda F at Geneva 07

[Source: Argentina Auto Blog]Continue reading Spy Video: SLR McLaren's supercharged V8 in the next Pagani supercar?

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