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This is what happens when a SRT-4, mind you, their drivers are usually total fuck-tards, try's to keep up with an EVO..

Also, the best thing about this is that I knew the driver and he got what was coming to him.

11:53PM Sunday] CaMaRoHoOdScOoP: not u too
[11:53PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: ?
[11:53PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: he should have known better.
[11:53PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: ;P
[11:53PM Sunday] CaMaRoHoOdScOoP: srt and evo
[11:54PM Sunday] CaMaRoHoOdScOoP: i beat an evo mr wednesday
[11:54PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: did he know how to drive?
[11:54PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: probably not.
[11:54PM Sunday] CaMaRoHoOdScOoP: i dunno cause i beat him from a launch and from a roll point being he got beat
[11:55PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: that's the point, eh?
[11:55PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: negative.
[11:55PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: the point is what you guys are doing is totally fucking stupid.
[11:55PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: you all deserve to have your cars trashed.
[11:55PM Sunday] CaMaRoHoOdScOoP: thats y mine still runs
[11:55PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: hahaha
[11:55PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: ok.
[11:55PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: just wait.
[11:55PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: :)
[11:55PM Sunday] CaMaRoHoOdScOoP: ha not for a miata
[11:55PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: ouch, that hurts.
[11:56PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: i care?
[11:56PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: negative.
[11:56PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: why don't i care? because i have something better.
[11:58PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: i guarantee you no evo or srt-4 would stand a chance against it.
[11:58PM Sunday] kristinleaownz: so carry on with your miata bashing, doesn't bother me one bit.

With that said, be smart. Don't play stupid.

video slacker
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A) I used to hang-out with these guys.
B) The Miata, although highly modded, was able to keep up with them.
C) They watch Fast and Furious on a daily basis and recite lines at the meet thinking its cool.
D) They can't drive for shit.
E) The location of the races were totally uncalled for when we have a damn track here that is open 24/7.
F) The SRT-4 owners always talk shit to the other cars that run the valley thinking they are top-dogs when they aren't.
G) When the SRT-4 loses a race it either ends like this one or they pull bullshit out of their ass saying they had a boost leak, etc.

Moral of the story is, these FAF kids really irritate me. The EVO owner was actually in the right of the whole situation. It started off as a SRT-4 owner talking shit and trying to make his penis seem larger than it actually was. It just really bugs me how ignorant people can be with things such as this. I admit, I've had my times (if anyone remembers my EVO incident) but I've learned from them. These kids just continue running around talking shit to other drivers.

I have a feeling one day it'll end up more fatal than this one.
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