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SST Gurus - Clutch disengagement, drive mode, brake applied

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SST Clutch disengagement, Auto/Drive downshifting when braking

Hi guys! Would like some help with the SST tables, as I would want to eliminate a really annoying thing that my 2012 MR do:

In drive mode (normal), coming to a stop with brakes applied, the car will downshift gears smoothly except from 2nd to 1st gear, you can feel a little bit of grabbing/hiccup, which is really annoying. It's like the clutch is working, and should be disengaged in these conditions IMO. It seems to downshift too soon/at about 1200-1300RPM, and the clutch have enough time to reengage-disengage, hence the annoying car shaking.

In manual mode it's perfect, if I let the SST downshift by itself when coming to a stop, it does it very smoothly in every gear at about 1000RPM, and you don't feel anything.

It's like the car would like to help you brake with engine braking, but why would I need that 0.5seconds of first gear braking ?

Which table would I edit to improve and smoothen the 2nd to 1st drive mode downshift?
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