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I’ve had this car for 4 years and had this problem for the majority of it

7 days after getting the car I took it on a track day and after a couple of sessions I noticed the car jerking slightly like the clutches were grabbing/letting go/ grabbing/ letting go at light acceleration, by the end of the session it was much worse in all gears it was flaring up and down 1000rpm under light acceleration the whole way home , when going WOT this wouldn’t happen it would pull perfectly with no slip or no slip on change

over the next week of daily driving the flare would get less and less until its at the point where it only now does it in odd gears and flares around 300rpm only when cold , once the trannies warmed up the flare disappears

this only happens in normal and sport , in ssport driving from cold there’s no flare

a month after this happening I took the car to indigo , they confirmed it was clutches , had the clutches replaced under warranty, didn’t fix issue , took it back to them to have another look , they then suspected mechatronic, so they switched mine with one off another car , issue still there , the only code present when I first took the car was one for the ma sensor which they said they’d changed out

I’ve done about 10 track days in it since The clutches were changed 20’000 miles at 410bhp on stock rated Plates without any issue , the Rev flares got no better or worse

I’m lost as to what it could now be and would like to get it sorted one way or another , considering it was on both clutches and the flare was 1000rpm and by itself within a week the flare stopped all together on evens and has lowered to 300rpm on the odds , it’s almost like something in the software had relearnt

as a back up can clutch pressures be increased at low throttle? The only time the flare happens is when giving 5% or less throttle basically trying to maintain a constant speed
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