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Steering Shaft disconnected!!!

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So some friends and I tackled the dreaded front sway bar and decided not to disconnect the steering shaft. Well that was a big mistake! After we got the car completely back together, we looked in the foot well and realized during our work the sub frame had pulled the inner steering shaft completely out!!! After a lot of cursing we realized if we unbolted the original lower steering knuckle and the accelerator pedal, with a little effort we could slip the two back together with out re-dropping the sub frame. My questions is this: Because it was not marked before hand we can only use our best guess in getting the steering wheel aligned straight. Currently the wheels are straight, and the steering wheel is straight. What are the issues I can face if they are not straight and how should I go forward from here?

Lesson learned...remove the f'ing steering shaft and mark it!
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I would think that your wheel would be centered and the car would pull off in a different direction. You can always pull it out again and adjust. It wouldnt be fun, but you would find it eventually.
Are there any steering sensors I need to worry about? I figure I could get it straight and then get an alignment and see where that puts me at.
Im not sure. I havent done mine just because i wasnt sure what I would be getting myself into.
It really is not that bad if you take your time and disconnect the steering
I think if I do mine or another, maybe chalking wheels to avoid the adjustment we had to make with subframe. James I think we did alright. Just like anything for first time always lessons learned. Let me know how it goes today. If I get back early will text you to see if you still there, I'll come down.

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Yeah, I think chalking the front wheels to minimize the movement is a good idea. I also agree with you and think we did fine. I made a mental note before we got started to check the steering shaft at some point to see how extended we were and if it popped out, but having the car that high on lift kind of made it hard, and therefore I did not think about. I would also remove rear motor mount from up top as well so that we don't have to lower the frame as much. Either way, thanks for the help and I will let you know how Round 2 goes.
When you going up there? No thanks needed. Told ya we will learn together. Are you dropping again or finish where we left off?

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Damn that sucks. I didnt remove mine either when I did the FSB. But my shit didnt get disconnected either
Well the good news is the car track straight (still getting an alignment) and now warning lights. Steering response is super crisp so I think I got lucky and will chalk that up as experience
I am also intimately familiar with the steering shafts...:bowlol:

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Dude! I
This just happened to me! But I I have warning lights for the ACD and S-AWC! Do t know what to do
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