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Steering Wheel Controls

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I have a pioneer avic 920bt On my 2010 evo x and i wanted tO be able to use my factory steering controls. I bought the Pac Swi-ps to use the controls. I brought it to best buy and they said the unit was incompatible for the evo x. I had no choice but to buy the axxess universal unit from them cause they said that would work. My volume and seek bottons on my steering wheel works now but he says the bluetooth and phone pick up/hang up botton wont work. He says it only works on the oem radio. Is this true?

This is the unit i originally bought.
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pac swi-ps will work, make sure its the newer blue one. best buy blows.

Hooking up the pac in the evo is very very easy, no need for resistors.
Axxess instructions instruct to connect black/green wire on interface to 19 of the car's pin19. There's nothing on pin 19, axxess sucks...

How did you wire yours?
Their customer service sucks... Sounded like a seventeen year old on the phone who could care less about tech support. Never giving them a penny ever.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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