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So I was driving today on the highway and when I hit 100km/h my steering wheel started shaking...

Also.. I ran over a condensed piece of mud (probably full of ice) and after that I think is when it started. Everytime I turn my wheel at high speeds I hear a noise (not sure if its built up mud on my mudflaps or what).
I had this happen, only after it snowed. Entire car was shaking furiously at around hwy speeds, would get worse as speed increased. I pulled over to inspect all the wheels/tires and saw this chunk of ice that had frozen on the inside of one my my wheels. Kicked it off and the car drive perfectly fine after that. Its happened a few times this winter and its always ice/snow that froze to the inside of my wheels.

^If thats not it, then re-balance wheels like previously stated.
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