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Stereo System

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HI all ..

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section so please move in need be.

I have a US spec evo x MR version here in Dubai .... problem is the sat nav only has the US map on it ... so i am constantly on the west cost. Sometimes i wish i was but alas .....

Question - how can i change the map to a local one .. i asked the Mits garage and he said just download the map from which i can find but it asks what Stereo unit i have ... it is the Rockford system but cant see to find a make model or a place where i could plug a USB ?
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You need to buy the update disc from the dealer. It will come with a key you plug into the socket on the navigation to allow it to update. I don't know if they have navigation updates for your region for the USA navigation system.
I guess i should go to the sales people at the dealership and see how much they want to rape me .. was hoping for a download , burn cd ... way of doing it ..

thanks for the info mate .
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Ill bring them some sand .. got plenty of that !!! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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