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Stock Advan tires that were driven 3k miles by my wife, they almost look new. We purchased the Evo in Aug and put snow tires on @ 3k miles. Upon dismount we noticed a small, square washer type thing that had stuck into the inside sidewall of one of the tires a bit. It definitely doesn't go all the way through the sidewall and it was driven like this for anywhere from 1 to 3k miles and didn't cause any issue like tire pressure loss, as the tpms sensor has never gone off. I had it inspected by a tire shop and they said it was not a big deal.

I love these sticky tires and would never sell them, but some New VOLK GTS 19" Wheels I have wont sell for the life of me and I need some cash. So I guess I will buy 19" tires at a later, more abundant date and put the Volks on the evo with 15mm spacers.

Stock Advan tires $695

Volks 19x8.5 +34 (wont clear brembos) $2,200!! :theeye:


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