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Stock exhaust, Intake, Lights, Trunk Interior!

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Bear with me here, my first FS thread. Admins help me out if I messed up.
All parts are OBO. I need money due to a deer incident, but please no lowballs unless I have seriously overestimated the price.
Buyer pays shipping, I'm willing to drive around 45 minutes. I'm located in 65401 so you can estimate costs.
Additional/better pics by request.

First up: OEM Trunk Carpet, Foam, Plastics $150 all together Will consider splitting up if there is interest. PM for individual prices and better pics.

I have the pressboard spare tire cover, but it got wet and is now warped, if you want it PM for pics.

Next: Stock shifter. $15 A little wear and tear, but still usable for customization possibly?

Moving on: Stock Airbox with Filter and Stock Upper Intercooler Piping (no couplers, fairly easy to acquire at local hardware/automotive stores).
$20 for airbox, $10 for filter, $25 together

I know it looks bad, but its just dirt. Will clean thoroughly before shipping Filter is clean with little visible dirt.

Coming Up: Stock Downpipe x2 and Stock Cat $75 each for Downpipes, $115 Stock Cat.

Cat was not used for too long and should still pass emissions in Midwest states. Have another stock cat, but messed up the flange slightly removing it, PM for pics.

Big Item: Stock Cat-back Exhaust $225 all together, will consider splitting if there is sufficient interest.

Please Note: Exhaust items are HEAVY and shipping prices will reflect as such.

Getting to the Good Stuff: Stock 2008 GSR Tail lights. $215 all together, if there is enough interest I will split them up.

The leftmost has a 1 inch scratch, the other three seem to be perfect. Will be sold with bulbs that worked when they were removed from the car.

Final Item!: DRL Bypass Kit $30. I bought this from the forum member that makes these almost 2 years ago, never even tried to install it in my car.

Remember, all prices are OBO I know I probably guessed a little high for some of these items, but I'm willing to work with you as long as you keep it respectable.

Thanks for stopping by, you stay classy Evoxforums. :D
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