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Stock hood gap alignment or adjustment?

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The front edge of the hood seems to have a tighter fit and less vertical gap on one end than the other.

The side edges look aligned and the hood is even front to back, it's just like the right portion of the hood's leading edge isn't as low down as the left portion.

See how there's increasingly more black gap showing along the leading edge of the hood going from left to right?
[img removed]

Is there any way to adjust this or any idea what would alleviate this?

It bugs me because it shows up so clearly on the white car. I can't take head-on shots of it without noticing it. :(

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Thanks, I just played with those and was able to get it a bit closer to balanced, although to get it looking best from directly in front, the driver's side stopper has to be too far down (I think it's far enough down that it doesn't make much contact and the hood will vibrate a bit if i push and release on that side with my hand when it's closed) and the hood on the driver's side was actually slightly lower than the front bumper edge and quarter panel edge at the front corner where the three meet.
I think the hood may also be slightly further back toward the windshield on that side or something and sliding it 1/8" forward might account for that. I guess to adjust that I'd have to loosen the riser arm or something?
I didn't see any way to easily adjust the hood catch/latch, but I raised the other side bumper up a little and that seemed to help balance the look of the gap.
Which bolts, though? Maybe I need to remove the bumper or something to get at the right ones? I didn't see any that appeared relatively accessible.
Ah, thanks guys.

Yeah my fail was I hadn't even removed the black plastic cover.

But I bet it could also be the bumper cover since the hood seemed aligned with the left and right fenders just fine.

Sounds like a good rainy day garage project to mess around with those to get it flush. :)
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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