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Stock hood gap alignment or adjustment?

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The front edge of the hood seems to have a tighter fit and less vertical gap on one end than the other.

The side edges look aligned and the hood is even front to back, it's just like the right portion of the hood's leading edge isn't as low down as the left portion.

See how there's increasingly more black gap showing along the leading edge of the hood going from left to right?
[img removed]

Is there any way to adjust this or any idea what would alleviate this?

It bugs me because it shows up so clearly on the white car. I can't take head-on shots of it without noticing it. :(

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Best thing to do is what hereknorthere said but also get 2 friends to help you out. It took me a while with 2 buddies to line everything up perfectly. Gotta keep loosening the bolts and tightening them. Good lcuk
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