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Strength training for endurance sports

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I am attending a strength training clinic tonight that is being put on but my local (state) triathlon club.

I will post up some info tonight about what they suggest.

Here is the summary in the evite:

Host: TriWI Board
Location: Hall of Fame Room, Pettit Ice Center
500 South 84th Street, Intersection of 84th & I-94, Milwaukee, WI 53214 US
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When: Thursday, November 15, 6:00PM

FREE for TriWI members, $25 for non-members Resistance training is often pigeon-holed as a non-essential part of the preparation for the endurance athlete. We view strength training as the proper domain of the vain and the strength athletes, grudgingly performing strength work for injury recovery, often under the guidance of a physical therapist. In reality, strength training is essential to the endurance athlete by helping avoid injury, promoting movement economy, and by offsetting the loss of muscle mass and strength common with aging. Among those triathletes who do strength training, the exact method is a point of confusion. Should we lift free weights or use selectorized machines? Should we use ultra light weights and perform many repetitions or use weights close to our maximum lifting capacity? What is functional training? Is it important to train "core strength" and must it involve a stability ball or Bosu? Can we use body weight exercises exclusively and avoid visiting a weight room? Which muscle groups are most important to train for performance? For injury prevention? Will you "bulk up" if you lift regularly? In this clinic, the why's, what's, and how's of effective resistance training for triathletes will be presented. Both the theoretical basis of strength training and video demonstrations of particular exercises will included in this informal presentation. No one-size-fits-all strength plans will be promoted over others but rather a general discussion of what to consider when assessing your personal needs and planning your own training program. Questions are highly encouraged! The course will be lead by our own Julie Thorburn, Ph.D., CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist of the NSCA), Level 1 USAT Coach and TriWisconsin member!

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ehhh... lots of info, all pointing to strength training being more important in the off season.
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