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Tarmac Black, Phantom Black, Graphite Gray

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With the news of Phantom Black becoming available as an option for the GSR, I'm very interested in getting my X in PB. There seems to be a lot of confusion over what Phantom Black looks like. Many people (including my dealer) seem to think the dark metallic gray/black is the Graphite Gray. I believe it is either Tarmac Black or Phantom Black because I have seen pictures of Gray cars that are slightly darker than Silver and look similar to the GG in the IX.

Does anyone have pictures that clearly show the difference between Graphite Gray and Phantom Black?

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Phantom Black is blacker than Air4orce1z is blacker than Tarmac Black is blacker than Graphite Gray.
^Why so?

In the US, Tarmac Black is not an option on the X. It is, however, an option on the base Lancer.
Well, Graphite is also available on regular lancers as well.

So to reiterate

US Evo X - Graphite Gray, Phantom Black
Overseas Evo X - Graphite Gray, Tarmac Black
US Base Lancer - Graphite Gray, Tarmac Black
Was the HK guy definitely PB? Because on2it has Tarmac black.

I just know that what I listed for the US is correct.
I saw the black on the base lancer and it is solid black with no metallic, not the same as the Tarmac Black on the Evo X from New Zealand. So the question still remains, what is Phantom Black?

The car from the AZ lot is definitely Graphite Grey but are the others Phantom Black or are they the Tarmac Black like the car from NZ?
I want to say pics #2 and 3 are PB.
phantom black has three coatings, first one is like a metallic gold, then black, then a clear coating i believe? i know the gold gives it a metallic shine.
I heard on the radio that the gold base coat is made from gold acquired from leprechauns at the end of the rainbow.
1 - 6 of 32 Posts
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