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Teaser shots - Part 1

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Here are a few teaser shots from my visit yesterday to RRE, enjoy.
OEM EVO X Intercooler -----hmm...what can this mean?

My EVO X Naked.

Next, we have Loc-Doggy Dog gettin down and dirty with his Tig Welding skills:

Close-up on the "intake to throttle body end tank:

Mock up, no endtanks welded:

And that's all for now folks, will keep you posted as far as progress goes.
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You gained 50whp after also adding a MBC, I know.....
THERE IS ANOTHER EVO 10 that is in SOCAL as well.

You posted the same shit on evom.

Learn before you speak.

The other EVO was Dyno'd at MFQ motorsports.

More teaser shots please. :)
More pics will be up mon, hopefully :rock:
FMIC/Endtanks fully tig welded. bolted to the car with crash beam 100% intact. No trimming or shaving of the crash beam

All factory mounting points retained.

Mocking up the Lower (upper) intercooler pipe

Closer shot of the intercooler pipe, should be a 2 piece when all said and done.

Hopefully more updates tomorrow.
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That this is looking wicked!!!! :thumbup:
Tig welded and painted stealth

Got a little creative on the bend to the turbo

dun dun dun!
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Wow, going full AEM already! I like the full black.
nice i'm liking this keep us posted.:godance:
i hope they are gonna produce these parts as soon as they are done with yours, cause i want what you have.
Call Mike @ RRE and tell him. I'm sure he can do something for you.

How is the top secret boost taper mod going?

don't know yet, the car is in pieces still and we haven't even touched the AEM FIC... should know more next week. Still waiting for the instructions for the top secret boost taper mod as well ;)

Any more updates EvoPowa?? :)
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