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Whenever I'm trying to flash my ECU with TephraModV3, the car would always run lean on idle. It seems like the car doesn't want to accept the ROM.

Car Internal ID: 56890009
Tephra ID: 56890313
Car info: 2011 Mitsubishi Evolution X
What I've done to the car:
Stock block
Stock turbo
Stock injector
AMS fuel rail
AMS intercooler pipes
Tial BOV
Sheepyrace Intercooler
Walbro 450LPH fuel pump
Omni4Bar MAP sensor
Grimspeed EBCS
Breathable oil catch can

When I'm on non-tephra ROM the car would run fine. The AFR on tephra just doesn't want to co-operate.

Another problem is that recently my RAX patch doesn't want to work either. Whenever I'm trying to log data, the only way I could log a good data is from Golden V3.
Whenever I try to select RAX or any other options on EvoScan, the numbers while I'm data logging the car doesn't match.

Things that I've done for tephra mod:
I've tried re-scaling the MAP sensor but still doesn't do much until i change the IPW to 2.

Things that I've done for RAX patch:
I asked people from Facebook forum if they knew something about it but i just ended up using Golden V3.
I still want to be able to use at least MOD 23, if not RAX.

I tried emailing tephra on "[email protected]" I don't know if that's the right email.
I also emailed rich on "[email protected]" Still haven't heard back from them.

Data logs and screen shot here:

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Just one point I noticed :
Ordinary 'RAX Fast Logging: Data' table should show 'Data absent' or 'Data PRESENT'.
But as far as looking at the pic you uploaded(it seems 56090009, not 56890013), your 'RAX Fast Logging: Data' shows '(no match)'.
If the rom id RAX doesn't work well is 56890009, it is possible your RAX Patch is not installed properly.

Some questions to get good comments :
When I'm on non-tephra ROM the car would run fine.
1. Does your car run fine both with 56890009 and 56890013 and have trouble just with 56890313?

2. With which rom do you have trouble when taking a log with mode23? 56890009? 56890013? 56890313?

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To answer the question on both. I was told from where i got it from which was from EvoScan site it was OK to not have the same last 4 of the ID. As long as The first 4 is the same it should be fine. I also reached out to them to try and resolve the problem however, I was told that they're just suppliers not tuners. I gave them my VIN and everything. I also gave them year of the car and what not. I haven't figured out how to put in an attachment here because whenever I do it just says I'm not able to do so. The screen shots will be on the same link to see if I'm missing anything. Also I did follow everything that was instructed to me.

Right now I didn't want to purchase a tune from anywhere else because I wanted to do it myseld because I tune Mazdaspeed 3s (not a big tuner yet, just friends' cars. also I know that there is a difference between COBB and ECUFlash language.)

Not sure if the link changed or not but here it is:

Thanks for helping out guys! :)

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Follow up to what happened...

When I got the ROM from EvoScan (where I purchased TephraModV3). The ROM wasn't working as it should. For the whole almost 8 months trying to figure out what the problem was.
  • Running too lean when it's on idle no matter if you change the MAP scaling or the Fuel Calibration tables.
  • RaxPatch wasn't working as it should when connected to EvoScan (Data logging)
  • Only Golden v3 that was working when data logging.

I emailed Rich to see what was going on because Tephra (Don't what the person's real name is) hasn't come back to me yet. What Rich found is I don't know in terms of the fueling. He did say something about the Omni4bar table being not "on" or something like that. Another thing he found was that the ROM was being utilized as 5268XXXX. I can't speak for him because he did all of the work.

Another Problem:
When the car starts the AFR is good, but when the car gets hotter it would lean for second out then goes back to normal. I read about the head shield being a must on the intake. Now I've installed that and it's still the same. Any idea? For TephraModv3 ROM.

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After going back and fort with Rich, It's still doing the same thing over and over.

When its on idle the car would lean out but when the car is cruising or on WOT the ratio is fine. When cruising it stays around 14.7:1 - 14.3:1. during wot it's around 11.3:1 - 10.5:1. During Idle it goes to 20:1 from time to time. or sometimes it goes to 15.0:1 - 18.0:1.

At this point I think the ROM I got from EvoScan is not working properly. Why? Because the non-tephra ROM is working fine with the same tune on it. The idle stay around 14.7:1 - 14.5:1.

I might have missed something but I'll double check everything.

I'll be doing a long write up about it!
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