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Tesla Model X

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Just back from dealer and played with the huge touch screen
Still dont get it ....
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you mean model s? the x is still just a prototype and last i heard, with only 1 actual prototype in the world. the model s is almost ready for delivery.

if you mean you got to play with the model x... cool, got any pics? is the touchscreen the same as the s?
A lot of people know that Tesla has been working hard developing an electric SUV, named the Model X. Tesla has just formally introduced the car, giving it a high-profile denouement. The SUV will share a lot of the same technology of the Model S sedan. Model X unveiled by Tesla. It is an automobile above category, built around the driver—and six of her friends. It artfully provides unfettered performance and brilliant functionality. The doors resemble an SUV version of the doors on the Ford GT40; the doors encompass part of the roof. However, where the “roof” section of the doors meet the “door” section of the doors, there’s a hinge that keeps the doors close to the body when being opened, resembling those of a falcon. The design enables the doors to be used in enclosed spaces like garages, which is almost impossible with traditional gullwing doors. You will surely love its features.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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