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geneva motor show
By Patrick Frawley

Is Koenigsegg Trying To Reinvent The Wheel Or Something?

Koenigsegg is showing a mildly updated Agera R at the Geneva Motor Show, featuring several technical improvements intended to keep the corkscrew-doored hypercar at the forefront of modern speed games.
The big news is the adoption of carbon-fiber wheels, manufactured using the company's proprietary Aircore system. The nonmetallic rims cut 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of unsprung weight without sacrificing strength. The only metal used on the wheels is in the valve stem and the decorative caps. Composite wheels have been around for decades, but usually just as a curiosity; this may finally be the chance for the idea to gain greater legitimacy.
Other updates include engine tweaks, a new suspension system codeveloped with fellow Swedes Öhlins, and standard stability control to prevent Stig-like slides. Claimed power output edges up slightly to 1140 bhp while burning E85 fuel, and estimated top speed is on the order of 270 miles per hour.
The wheels may be light, but the rest of the car is what flies.
Photo Credits: Guillaume Boppe (car photo), Koenigsegg (wheel detail)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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