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Thai's take on the Evo X

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Pure substance

Clever AWD, quick-shifting gearbox and turbo performance virtually makes the Evo X a Japanese Audi on the move, and it looks like an Alfa on steroids on the catwalk


Again they write about the use of lighter weight materials and components of the Evo X, but we are still getting a big weight gain. If they sunk a bunch of weight into the chassis to stiffen it up for better handling, that is good. If they put in extra insulation and padding for reduced NVH that would be OK for me, but the enthusiasts that predominantly bought this car in the past don't want it or need it.
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A great review, the AWD system seems to be really safe. I like how they said

"the Evo displayed fluent handling and traction control to a level that would rarely be accessible by even the best of driving enthusiasts in real-world driving."

I am getting really excited to take on corners on this beast!

edit: Even tho the EVO X gained weight, body roll doesnt seem to be a problem. I dont think we will be disappointed being amongst the first Canadian Evo X owners.
from the review by best motoring where they took the evo x through the cones, there was slight body roll. a little bit moreso than the evo ix.

i cannot wait...i may just go ahead and purchase the 5MT....I don't mind manual at all...but I really want to test out the S-Sport mode on the SST...

only 3 or 4 more months :(
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