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Hey guys,

Im about to pick up an 08 WW GSR from a good friend who's selling and upgrading to a Nissan GTR... I'm getting a good price for it so its very hard to pass it up...

The car is completely stock but one of the first things I want to upgrade are the headlights. I have managed to source a set of projector headlights for dirt cheap so I would like to make the backing all black, halos, red demon eyes and all that jazz...
I've seen some really nice lights but I need some help in deciding which ones to go for..

These are the ones im interested in.





Which do you think is better. I need some help deciding...
I don't know how to create a poll which would be easier

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lol...i read the first couple words saw the WW in the first picture and was like your not really buying domo's car and then i read the whole thing was like oooo this about headlights haha.

i vote #4

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4 on ww but that pb looks nice in number 2 , paint the car pb and get number 2

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I'm guessing he doesn't have the SSS package otherwise why would you even wanna get rid of the nice oem projectors? Haha. I have a pb x and I vote 2!! But looks like 4 is gonna take the majority vote. +1 on websites of where to get these headlights from!! Or who!!

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You need to make a choice on which HL you like then lock it in.

If you like HLs #1 or #2 then you will be able to use ur SSS HLs that you got "dirt cheap"

If you like HLs #3 or #4 *then the SSS HL that you bought for"dirt cheap" will be useless coz these are modified non-SSS HLs.

HL #1 specs:
* The OEM projector is thrown away and retrofitted in it's place is a FX-R BiXenon. It's a much wider / sharper / colorful projector. It smokes the doors off the OEM unit.
* The projector in the DRL housing is fake and does not light up for low or high beam. Only there to give the "Quad Look"
* These HLs use OEM E46 M3 shrouds with the "XENON" in the low/high & DRL housings. Shrouds are painted black and the XENON letters standout in white.
* Quad CCFL halos wired up to Parker lights
* Custom aluminum shields inside the projector to make them appear RED when the HLs are off.
* RED LEDs shining on the aluminum shields to make the projectors glow red at night. Owner has hooked up an incabin switch to turn them on/off

HL #2 specs:
* Still running the crappy OEM projector
* looks to be a fake projector in the DRL housing with a custom shroud
* CCFL halo in the low/high beam housing
* red lighting, most likely LEDs to make projectors glow red at night
* cut into the housing to let the red curved lighting expose through. Most likely used a CCFL tube for this effect..

** Made by CinCity

HL #3 Specs:
* Non-SSS HL Running a true quad projector setup I think.
* most likey retrofitted with Morimoto Mini H1's BiXenon projectors in the low & high beam housing
* Gatling Gun shroud in the low beam housing
* Mini Gatling Gun shroud in the high beam housing.
* red LED angel eyes in the inside of the projectors to make them glow red.
* White CCFL halo behind low beam shroud to shine through the gaps

That's all I can tell

** made by Joey's hookup

HL #4 Specs:
* This is definitely a true quad setup with Morimoto Mini H1 BiXenon projectors in the low & high beam housings
* also uses fake E46 shrouds (aka: E46-R) in the low and high beam housings
* holes drilled in the grooves of the E46-R shroud to allow "dots" of light to pass through.*
Either using CCFL halos from behind or individual LEDs...

** made by FlyRyde on the other forum*

Aesthetically, I'd say HL #1 smokes all the others away when all lights are off. The OEM E46 shroud with white XENON logos looks killer. The shrouds fit so well that they look factory. Also the custom red shields to make the projectors appear red during the day (headlights off)

Pic 1
Pic 2, slightly different angle

Output wise, HL #4 would be killer. Seeing 4 projectors coming towards you would be awsome..

Don't go with red glowing demon eyes. Just keep the headlight using "legal" colors... When would you use them anyway?? They can't be used on the street so they're pretty much pointless... Unless you wanna use em for carshows / meets... Big deal!!

You've got done thinking to do..
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