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The right way to Roll(s): Phantom stretch limo by Mutec

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The Rolls-Royce Phantom makes people stop what they're doing and wonder A.) what celebrity you are, B.) why you look so different in person than you do on television, and C.) what the hell you're doing at the local Dairy Queen. We got a taste of this last Summer. It's fun. If the standard Phantom is not enough of an attention-getter for you, Mutec will take your car, add a divider behind the front seats, and stretch it an additional 1100mm (43 inches) to make it a proper limousine. This also makes it the approximate length of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, but what do you care? You won't be driving anyway. You'll be in back with three friends (or celebrities, or world leaders, or captains of industry), enjoying the revamped, face-to-face 4-seat configuration while you sip bubbly, broker multimillion-dollar handshake deals and gossip about how Jay-Z's Maybach is so completely pedestrian.

[Source: Mutec via Sybarites]

Gallery: Mutec RR01 1100mm Phantom Limousine

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