I have a grey final edition with the STX500 package from AMS performance as well as tuned by them. HKS Hi power silent cat back. It’s also got a full shifter replacement with a short throw added and some carbon fiber pieces on both sides of the IC, the front bit with the Mitsubishi logo and the shifter knob. Weathertech on the floors since day one. I also have all of the original parts. Never launched due to it still having the factory clutch but it’s lots of fun. Has about 30k miles on it, always garage kept, 1 adult owner since new. There’s nothing wrong with it and it pains me to think of selling it (had my evo8mr for 11 years) but I think I’m getting too old to enjoy it and I hate seeing it sit in the garage. I’m guessing I can get around 60 or so for it but figured I’d ask people that are more in the know then I am. Please let me know if I’m way off with my expectations. Thanks y’all, I’m sure I forgot a few other things that I’ve added.