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While the little green angel on our right shoulder prompts us to applaud cars that get good fuel economy, the Italian-racing-red devil on the left whispers how cool it is to waste gallons of irreplaceable fossil fuels on things like supercharged Land Rovers. Truth be told, we like giving in to the red one. We just feel guilty about it the next morning. And just in case the force-fed Range Rover Sport from the factory wasn't enough, along comes something that makes us forget all about the letters HSE.
What you see here is a circa-1950's Defender Series I, the original Land Rover that has crossed continents countless times. But in case it didn't get from coast to coast quite fast enough, some blessed soul has dropped in a supercharged Ford V8 kicking out around 800 horsepower. In its current state, though, we doubt it'll be fording any rivers - unless they've already dried up. Check out the images for yourself in the gallery below.
[Source: Chromjuwelen via CarScoop]
Gallery: Land Rover Defender I dragster

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