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click above to view more modded Nissan GT-Rs from the TAS

The Tokyo Auto Salon opened up last week and our comprehensive coverage has been slightly delayed due to the madness known as Detroit. We've partnered up with our friends from Autoblog Chinese to bring you as many live shots of the show as we can procure.

There was only one car to kick off the coverage and that's Nissan's new R35 GT-R. Blitz, HKS/Kansai, Fujitsubo, Power Enterprises, Amuse and MINE'S all had vehicles on display, most of which were sporting some free-flowing intakes, wheels and a few aero pieces, including front splitters and wings.

We know that Amuse already has its R1 Titan exhaust strapped onto its shop GT-R, along with a massive carbon fiber rear wing and trick C.F. lip. MINE'S will begin selling its VX-ROM that can eliminates the top-speed limiter and tweak the ECU depending on fuel octane. According to MINE'S, they've dynoed a GT-R fitted with its VX Pro Titan II exhaust and VX-ROM, and output at the flywheel increased to 530 hp. MINE'S will allow owners to send in their ECU to be fitted with the VX-ROM at a cost of 126,000 yen (around $1,150). And they say they can supply the VX-ROM worldwide. MINE'S is also offering springs, slotted rotors and an Esta Full Spec coilover kit with remote reservoirs developed with Sachs.

We've assembled some of the shots from Autoblog Chinese in the gallery below.

Gallery: Nissan GT-Rs at TAS

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