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Top Gear coming to the US!

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So now I won't have to download my favorite TV show anymore (but still will anyway).
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i used to watched the us version before, big diffrence because it's friendly to american audience, like the corvette they cut all those bashing by jeremy with american cars. it's like incomplete chop chop hopefully this one is not or maybe the same.
The US version will BLOW if it's anything like it was. They edit out anything even vaguely anti-american >_< the F150 lightning review .. did they even show that in the states? lol

nvm read the article, they specifically state "Top Gear UK" a few times
you are probably right Chris... damn censorship.
Plus we have commercials over here. They cut out all sorts of stuff for that. It's not the real show! Just keep d/ling
they did one last season that was shown in NZ, where the three went to the states and drove across the southern states.. was pretty funny because they and their camera crew got chased out of town.

I don't think that will air in the US.
^Are you referring to the ******* episode?
yeah he is and no, that'll never ever air here.

hilarious episode though. and pretty spot on for how I already perceived the south. I just wish they made it more clear that just the deep south is like that, in the north things are not nearly as backwards :p
Man that episode was really funny. But really jeremy and the others were really trying to provoke the ******** man. They technically wrote "I'm gay, shoot me" on their backs driving those cars.
^Are you referring to the ******* episode?
yes. fancy getting a huge dead cow balanced on your tranzam. JC complained about the stench all the way till the finish line.
But it was least it was on BBC America. I watched it two or three times. Or perhaps you don't count that as being aired?
Dude all the episodes they are talking about showing...I have seriously they are already recorded on my DVR starting back in August...They're repeating now which is gay but I've already seen all of this...GAY!!!
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