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So as to avoid making 3 new threads for Top Gear topics every week, we confine all Top Gear discussion here! As I said before I felt like being lazy sooo... just go ahead and discuss... that's the best I can do right now :p
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As much as the small car bit was a lot of fun, did anyone else miss that there was no major production part of the episode? First episode had the lightweight supercars + driving road thing, second had the car boats again, but the third episode.. nothing too wild.
Well you do know about all the drama and why the show almost didn't come back, right? With that in mind this was to be expected. However, it is much better then what I had worried it would have been. So I'll accept this extra mainstreamness for now, as long as the show still MOSTLY feels like Top Gear.
They were the top watched show on BBC... So BBC demanded that they do more silly stuff to appeal to the masses. The guys didn't like that idea because it's supposed to be a car show. But they worked out a kind of middle ground and that's why this season isn't quite the same as before.
Pretty much... super lame, but better then losing the show.
Check out for info and such about when to see some episodes *wink*

And making a whole section for Top Gear would be great, like an extension of my idea, so I'm all for it! lol
I watched the movie right after the last episode... thanks to that it felt like one giant episode to make me happy. If the movie hadn't been released that same day, however, I would have been extremely upset but the complete lack of 'Top Gear' in that episode.

I don't mind the fun stuff, but it should be part of the episode, not the whole thing.
What are you talkin about movie released the same day?
'Supercar Showdown' was up for torrent the same sunday that the episode came out.
Woohoo! that episode rocked! It felt like proper Top Gear! I laughed, saw sexy cars, had a star that knew cars, and the challenges were awesome and were ENTIRELY about cars!
The 'arse' door and the 'penis' door. This episode is awesome so far... watching it right now lol. Can't wait to see how they place, the Stig and a diesel motor? Great excitement!
1 - 9 of 38 Posts
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