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Top Secret's V12 Supra heading to Nardo for top speed run

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There have been a fair number of tuners that have made the trek to the Nardo test track in Italy to see if their modified rides could break an illustrious top speed. The MTM Bimoto TT comes to mind, as does AC Schnitzer's GP3.10 3-series, Edo Competition's Lamborghini LP640 and 9ff's insane GT9. Another contender has been added to the list and it's just as impressive as the rest.

Top Secret has been making the show rounds with its twin-turbo'd V12 Supra for the past year, but it's finally putting its money where its mouth is and going for a top speed of 400 km/h (248 mph) later this year in Italy. Breaching 200 km/h hasn't been an issue since the boosted 6.0-liter V12 is supposedly pushing out over 1,000 hp.

You can read up on Kazuhiko "Smoky" Nagata's golden boy here and check a Japanese-language video of the Supra after the jump.

[Source: Kulitivate, Photo by Bulletproof Automotive<span style="font-style: italic;" />]Continue reading Top Secret's V12 Supra heading to Nardo for top speed run

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ill take 3
one to drive
one to crash
and one to sell 2 dollars less then its worth
hey that doesn't look too bad.

Top Secret and couple of Tuners from the land of the rising sun toured NZ a couple of years back.
Was very cool to watch some high speed runs on TV on very narrow new Zealand remote country roads. All easily 900HP+
Doesn't look like a supra... I like it :D

Just needs a new color.
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