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Torque Solution Product Review

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Today we will be reviewing a few Torque Solution products sent to us from our Elite Merchants, South Side Performance (SSP).

We have three products featured here - shifter bushings, a short shifter, and some exhaust hangers.

Without further ado:

Torque Solution Short Shifter

By: Kidneythief13 & Nohan
Edited by: Kooldino

What's in the box:

Hardware & short shifter.​

Install time and difficulty: Just about 60 minutes, had I not run into a hitch with the supplied 7/16" shift boot retainer. Install is really quite simple, provided you have the right tools. Read below for details.

Price: $134.99

To Order:

Product Description: Machined from 4130 Chromoly steel. The short throw shifter is a direct replacement for your long throw stock unit. The unit reduces throw by 32% & height by 1.25". It is compatible with stock and aftermarket shift knobs & changes the factory offset to center shifter closer to the driver.

Thoughts and Impressions: I recently obtained and installed a Torque Solutions short shifter and the following is my take on it. Hopefully the review will be helpful for any others who are in the market for a short shifter, or for that matter, anyone who is trying to decide which part to get next. My Evo X GSR is the first performance car I’ve ever owned and I’ve never driven a car with a short shifter before. I’m not experienced with installing mods nor am I what you might call “mechanically inclined.” Some might think this to be a bad thing, perhaps hoping the reviewer was someone with more experience on the matter. However, due to these circumstances, you’ll be getting a review from a normal guy without any bias.

Before you can use the short shifter, you’re going to have to install it! Although I found the project to be a little intimidating, the install was surprisingly quick and easy. To start, I found a “how-to” file online – a step by step walkthrough with pictures. The directions were straight-forward and easy to follow. In the list of tools required, they recommended that you have a Dremel. Well, let me just say that you don’t want to attempt the install without one, it was extremely helpful.

Obviously, the stock shifter has to come out first. In order to do so, you have to remove a couple of push nuts. The directions say you *could* use a screw driver and a hammer to pry them off. But that is most likely a total pain. If you have a Dremel handy, this step is quick and easy.

In total, the install should have taken about an hour – except for one minor hitch. I had a problem with the part referred to in the directions as the “special shift boot retainer.” It was basically a metal disc which was supposed to slide down the shaft of the shifter, once in place, there was a little screw you could turn to keep it stationary. This part is meant to ensure the top of the shift boot stays where it’s supposed to.

“What’s the problem,” you ask? Well, the hole in the center of the shift boot retainer wasn’t big enough! There was a spot on the shaft of the shifter where the threads got thicker. In the directions, you are supposed to be able to slide the retainer past the thicker threads. Try as I might, I could not get the part to slide down far enough. I even attempted using my Dremel to grind the hole larger, but it was to no avail. Was I just unlucky? I don’t know, but that was definitely frustrating. With a little improvisation, I figured out that I could just use a small worm clamp in place of the shift boot retainer.

worm clamp quick fix:

Once I got everything put back together and screwed the shift knob on, I was blown away by how great it looked. I know that some companies sell shift boots made especially for short shifters, but it really isn’t necessary. I think the extra bagginess of the boot is really nice. At this point, I was happy with how it looked, but how did it perform?

It felt quite odd when I reached to put the car into gear, I didn’t realize until then how much shorter this shifter was. After a very quick adjustment, I soon came to appreciate the reason why people get short shifters. The time it takes between shifts is dramatically reduced. The specs say that shifts are reduced by 32%, but it felt even faster. I’m sure my weighted shift knob helped, but the shifts were smooth as butter. As I drove around town, I actually looked forward to red lights (that’s a first). A red light meant I got to run through the gears again, which I was really having fun with.

For those who want a simple breakdown, or for those who were too lazy to read the review, let’s recap:

Overall, the install is pretty painless
It looks great
Shifts are lightning quick
Shifts are nice and smooth too

Had trouble with the shift boot retainer

The Bottom Line:

If I didn’t have the issue with the shift boot retainer, I would easily have given this short shifter a 10 out of 10. I haven’t had it very long, but I can already tell the short shifter is one of my favorite additions. The bottom line is - if you’re driving without a short shifter (and weighted shift knob) you are missing out!

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Jeremy......did you forget about me??? I got the relays yesterday.... you were talking to Kris about shipping the TS exhaust hangers with the relays.... ???
just installed the shifter tonight with bradze hahahaha, we messed up a small bit by cutting the whole bolt not just the washer but an hr. later and a lil blood we got her on there what a great mod!!! i luv the way the ol girl drives now very very nice!!!!
you wont regret it!!!
power tools and me do not mix. great product, install should be pretty easy if you're not a retard like me. fits great and end result is nice. i highly recommend. i also have the front engine mount in my car, really like that.
It's the dual exhaust and I'll get you a pic of the underside soon. This is the exhaust I have. The hangers I had before were just single hangers that came with the agency power duel exhaust.
That's the problem,they designed there exhaust to use different exhaust mount then the factory style 3 hole
For those that installed the TS short shifter in this thread, its been either 2 months, or a month now. still liking the product?
I absolutely love it. I had a buddy of mine drive my Evo for the first time the other day, he even said he loved how it felt.
For those that installed the TS short shifter in this thread, its been either 2 months, or a month now. still liking the product?
I got used to the short shifter very quickly. So the thrill of shorter shifts isn't as exciting. However, I don't want to go back! I'll keep this short shifter in as long as I have the car.
Man I'm really considering this ss over the twm. It's priced right and at the end of the day it seems like a good product for much less.
I just installed this shifter right now literally. Lol. I have a problem though, my blox 490 shift knob will not screw onto the shifter. I can only place it on The shifter and screw a tad bit on then it gets tight. Any suggestions guys?
For those that installed the TS short shifter in this thread, its been either 2 months, or a month now. still liking the product?

Hells Yeah!!! idk why i didnt do it sooner, this shift kicks serious ass sideways!!!!
I just installed it and just lost the push pins. Does anyone think i need to get new push pins or will i be fine.
Can anyone link to a "How To'' for the short shifter install??
Hopefully, it solves rattle problem of HFC.

Torque Solution Exhaust Mounts
By: Stock?
Edited by: Kooldino

What's in the box:

Install time and difficulty: Approximately 1-2 hours depending on how you choose to install. I would definitely have a can of WD-40 or soap, something to help slide them on. The installation is not very difficult.

Price: $44

To order:

Product Description: Torque Solutions Evo X exhaust mounts will greatly reduce exhaust movement and vibrations, both under extreme racing conditions, and daily street driving.

Thoughts and Impressions: My first thought was that these were VERY solid/well made pieces. Once I started installing them I realized that doing this install in the cold weather was a bad idea, I took them inside to warm them up a bit. After they were warmed up a little they were much easier to install but it still takes some elbow grease, fitment was perfect.

My stock exhaust mounts were starting to "Sag" a little and cause vibration and rubbing on my o2 dump. The alignment of my exhaust tips are perfect, so far I have little vibration while normal driving, and it is no longer rubbing on my o2 dump. :)

The Bottom Line: I have zero complaints with these mounts (Other than the install difficulty), honestly for $44 you can't lose!

Emoticon Rating: :workout:
I actually had the TS exhaust hangers with the Legamax system on my X and it would at times give me a knock or vibration I could feel when shifting from 1st to 2nd. Was annoying at times.
I just installed a new exhaust using the Torque Solution mounts and it is sitting way too high. The top of the exhaust tip is actually touching the bumper. I also get slight vibration from the exhaust. So the factory mounts will probably be going back in next weekend. These things are stiff as hell so I'm hoping they losen up a tiny bit while driving and the tip drops down a bit....wishful thinking.

This is the varex/xforce/MAP/Cherry bomb (or whoever makes this single exhaust)
Cherry bomb tip, varex muffler :) how does it sound!!!
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