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Toyota iQ could span larger variant

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Click above for a high-res gallery of the Toyota iQ.

The expense of developing an entirely new platform to underpin a single model is hardly cost efficient, so it comes as little surprise that Toyota is considering another model built off its recently released iQ microcar. The new vehicle would be larger than the two-door city car - possibly aimed to compete with the Volkswagen up! -- although there's no word on how the dimensions might grow and what body styles are under consideration.

As for the standard iQ, an unnamed senior executive at Toyota told Autocar that their new city car would be priced "between the Fiat 500 and the MINI," and that a hybrid version isn't feasible since there's no room of the battery pack and the additional weight contradicts the philosophy behind the iQ; specifically designed to be a lightweight means of urban transport. While engine choices have yet to be officially announced, Autocar is reporting that two gasoline-powered engines will be offered, along with one diesel mill, and that a start-stop system will be employed to improve fuel economy.

Gallery: 2009 Toyota iQ

[Source: Autocar]
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