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Transport Canada to implement speed limiting device

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In an effort to thwart habitual speeding, Transport Canada has developed a new system that can make exceeding posted limits difficult or impossible. The device utilizes GPS and a speed limit map coupled with technology that caps a vehicle's top speed based on the legal speed of the road being traveled. Once the vehicle arrives at the predetermined speed limit, the device makes it very difficult to go any faster. For now, Canada is looking to slap this stingy speed governor on the vehicles of perpetual speeders and reckless drivers, but the technology could one day be used for all drivers. Lovely.

Luckily for drivers here in the States, a strict speed limit governor is just un-American, and legislators know it would be very unpopular politically suicidal to implement. Still, we're sure there'd still be some people willing to embrace technology like this. Heck, a lot of parents of 16 to 18 year-olds probably wouldn't mind purchasing this device to keep their teenagers in check.

[Source: Winding Road]
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