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There are lots of Porsche tuners out there tinkering with 911s, but it takes a special kind of company to work up the nerve to let loose on a six- or seven-figure supercar. Edo Competition manages to do it repeatedly, and after squeezing more juice out of already high-strung exotics like the Maserati MC12, Ferrari 599 GTB and Porsche Carrera GT, the German tuner has turned its attention to the Audi R8.
By fitting a freer-flowing, lightweight exhaust system, Edo has managed to coax an extra 22 horses out of the stable, boosting output from the 4.2-liter FSI V8 to 442hp while trimming 18 lbs off the car's weight in the process. Buyers can specify a loud exhaust or a really loud exhaust, along with their choice of 19 or 20 inch forged rims. Edo has also crafted a set of carbon fiber aero bits, including a front chin spoiler, rear diffuser and - this is the best part - an eight-piece set of inserts for the rear bumper.
The result? Running to 100 km/h (62 mph) from a standstill is cut by 0.2 of a second, down to 4.5 from the standard 4.7 seconds. Sure, that isn't a dramatic increase in performance, but it'll probably make you smile a little wider when you pull away from that tricked-out 911 at the light.
[Source: Edo Competition]
Gallery: Edo Competition Audi R8

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