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Tuning issues/open loop

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Hi team,
New to the group and evo scenario too..
got a custom tuned 08 jdm evo x,
car started doin some rough idle shits recently and I cleaned the tb, intake pipings and test all the hoses and vaccum lines was algood and idle much better now. After that I think i’m running open loop on cruise as afr is at 12-13🫤
idle and low throttle afr is around 14.7…
got a tactrix cable, ecuflash and evoscan where to start fam? all suggestions are appreciated!
(can’t log afr atm as I haven’t connected my wbo2 gauge via serial cable)
also which ecu option should I select on evo scan?
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Congratulations on your Evo X! It's great that you've already taken some steps to address the rough idle issue by cleaning the throttle body, intake piping, and checking the hoses and vacuum lines. As for tuning and using the Tactrix cable, EcuFlash, and EvoScan, here are some suggestions to get started:

1. Verify your ECU type: Determine the exact ECU model in your Evo X to ensure compatibility with EcuFlash. The ECU option you should select in EvoScan will depend on the specific ECU model. You can consult the documentation or resources provided by the software or tuning community to find the correct ECU option.

2. Log data: Connect your wideband oxygen (WBO2) gauge via a serial cable and start logging data during various driving conditions. This will provide valuable information on the air-fuel ratio (AFR) and other parameters, which can help you identify areas that may need adjustment in your tuning.

3. Review the data: After logging data, review the logs in EvoScan or compatible analysis software. Look for any abnormalities, such as AFR values that are consistently too lean or too rich, or other sensor readings that seem off.

4. Seek professional assistance: If you're new to tuning or unsure about making adjustments yourself, it's advisable to seek help from an experienced tuner or professional who is familiar with Evo X models. They can analyze the data logs and provide recommendations or make the necessary tuning adjustments to optimize your vehicle's performance.

Remember, tuning can be a complex process, and making incorrect adjustments can have adverse effects on your vehicle's performance or reliability. It's crucial to have a solid understanding of the tuning tools and software you're using, or to work with someone who does.

Additionally, joining Evo-specific forums or communities can provide valuable insights and advice from experienced enthusiasts who have worked on similar setups.
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