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Hey guys,

Self tuner here so well please be easy with me :)

In the UK, not many people who can tune, or I should say there are but not many who are open source.

Had my Evo X for just under a year now, first got a remote tune and pretty good but takes a lot of patients.

This is forum has everything you could ever need for tuning, all the knowledge from the real tuners sit in this forum. You just need to know what you doing.

Enough of me rambling.

The car? EVO X SST lightley modified. The car has only done 36300 Miles

Parts so far.

3port boost solenoid
K&N Typhoon intake
Tomei Ti with Scriopon Decat

I am trying to work out how to reduce torque? So far I am focused on timing only whilst maintaining Max boost from 3500-4000RPM (25-26PSI.)

I still have the original standard clutch packs. A strange thing happened not too long ago after replacing the gearbox oil. I took the car for a run and noticed a big slip in 6th gear, from 2500-3000 RPM. Had foot flat down overtaking on the motorway, noticed the slip as turbo started to spool up.

I was thinking of reducing the boost between 2500 4000RPM. Trying to move max boost to around 4500-5000.

I have the modified SST tables to try and increase clutch pressure above 160 load. Been hit and miss. Things feel good once in gear but I have noticed a slight delay on initial gear change and engagement, slight pause. The only thing I could compare it to is the opposite of rev hang, instead of revs not dropping, the rev's drop slightly lower 200-300RPM just after gear engagement.

I have only noticed this problem at partial / half throttle. Not sure if the problem is due to throttle maps?

Sorry rambled again.

Back to the main thing. So reducing torque, I think I am just over or near the 400lb torque mark, which is the standard clutch pack limit.

I don' think I could reduce the timing anymore then what it is now. the car is hitting 260 - 280 load timing between 3000-4500RPM is 4-6 degree's advanced. I would like to maintain power but reduce torque alittle.

Just a bit lost and looking for some guidance :)


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I take back original post about wanting to lessen the torque...

I took the car for its first dyno. It's making 290WHP and 320lb ft torque. Not happy was expecting a bit more :)

Been playing with the SST maps to smooth gear changes as well as throttle response.

I have managed to get AFR'S kinda spot on. Been Aiming for 11.5 at wot between 3000-6500 tapering down to 11 at 7000RPM. AFR's between 11.3 - 11.6 and tapper down to 10.8 - 11.1

Is true torque gain all in the Mivec? I would like to try and get the car up to 300WHP and 350lb ft torque?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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