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Turbo doesnt pull consistently (Is this normal)

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Is my turbo supposed to pull evenly up to redline? I know it falls off as the RPMs climb, but shouldnt it still be smooth and consistent? Mine is really spurty. It pulls hard in little bouncy spurts as you step on the gas and the RPMs climb. Is this normal or ...?

The sensation is like what it would feel like if you were loosing grip while trying to accelerate really quickly... bouncy in the acceleration, like little cuts in the power. Hopefully someone understand what Im trying to explain.
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like ive said before , they fixed the problem with newer one that were ship out after the first batch, you just got a evo that rns to rich take it back to the factory and have them fix it.
i heard that all the evos that came out first did that but they fixed it o0n the next batch that they made.........trial and error
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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