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TX2K12 Evo's Anyone?

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Wondering if anyone will be attending the TX2K12 Event in Houston? AMS will probably be there. Anyone else possible? Maybe SSP or Maperformance possibly representing?

Here is a link with details on the event and some sick pictures.

Lets get some Evos out there!!!:rock::rock::rock:
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I saw a Talon and a Subi in the pics!!!:thumbup:
Id like to get out there with my shop but Id be embarrassed out there with my X.
when is it? computer here won't load the link

March 15th - 18th 2012

Any of you guys gone before? From what I *see* from the vids and pics its all HUGE hp cars, most of which arent even street legal. How out of my league would I be with a 385/350 on Dynamics Evo X?
I've wanted to go to this for several years and unfortunately I wasn't paying attn and booked a trip to Reno for that week. Sighh next year

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this looks like a fun event..i live just a bit north of MSR houston..not sure on if I can attend.
From what I have seen and read, most cars there are 1000+ HP.
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SSP will be there.....and we're bringing out the MR too!

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me n my compadres will be going rolling in the 500whp club though lol
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