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Update on Works SCCA SWC LANCER

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Thanks for your interest in the WORKS MotorSports effort in the SPEED World Challenge. We did miss the first couple of events due to some design changes with the chassis. In addition to the time/effort to physically make these changes, we've also had to have them approved with the SCCA (once discussed with Mitsubishi). Because of this, it has taken longer than anticipated. However, we hope to be on track soon and look forward to the remainder of the season. Keep an eye on our website for the latest news and good luck with your own project upon your return from the desert.

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I saw it two weekends ago. It was completely stripped except for a recaro that wasn't even bolted in. No engine or anything. They are doing some engine work on it from what I heard. Can't really talk details, but it will definitely be a lot faster than it was before.
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