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So, I wanted the 3rd brake light to have a more light-pipe look to match my VLAND tails. After some looking and finding Cob LED strips to be too pricey, I found this:
Red LED Light Bar

The factory 3rd brake light is ultrasonically welded together so you can't just heat it up an separate it. So I used an x-acto ultra fine saw and cut the lens away from the base.
I didn't take any pics but the LED bar, when cut down to the correct length, had a friction fit inside the stock housing. I cut down the OEM LED board to just the prongs for the socked and I soldered the leads from the LED bar to the OEM board to retain the socket pins. I then inserted the LED bar, with the lens, and epoxied it as well for good measure.
Lastly, I epoxied the lens back onto the base and let it cure. I think it came out great! Pics....

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate Car Tire Vehicle

Vehicle registration plate Tire Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Car
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