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Vacation Spot for MECA!

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Using this place as free advertising! My mom opened up her own bed and breakfast in Belize, if your into scuba diving, snorkelling, or adventure check this place out!

I spent a month in Belize with her two years ago and it was awesome. Belize is more relaxed than Mexico, no shirt, no shoes, no problem. I went cave tubing, ziplining, went to the zoo, took a tour of Belize City, went fishing on a catamaran, snorkelled, hung out on the beach... Lots to do, very safe in San Pedro, very friendly people too.
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Kid friendly? Or couples only ;)
Kid friendly. Like the website says, room for 4 in the casita. Lots to do for them too, anyone would enjoy the cave tubing, zip lining, zoo. One major difference between mexico and belize is the all inclusives in belize are terrible. The smaller places are the places to stay.
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