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Have you ever been "that guy?" We're talking about that motorist who causes a massive traffic jam on account of a flat tire, blown engine or other unfortunate event out of his control. Most of the time it's not as if "that guy" sets out to break down and snarl the afternoon rush.

But then there's the advanced-level "That Guy." That Guy has generally done something completely stupid, which ultimately causes this whole mess. Based on this video clip sent in by a reader, That Guy was recently seen in Romania. A traffic cam caught him driving his SUV on the train tracks (always a good idea) that split a Bucharest highway. A little fishtailing action is seen, and then... he's stopped. Trains can only pass in one direction, and you can watch as the crowd around him grows over time. At one point, it looks as if the passengers from a train he's blocking are all let off, as a swarm of people walk past him and continue up the tracks. Full "That Guyness" is achieved when a flatbed shows up to pull him out of his predicament, which manages to stop both train and road traffic. There was probably a lot of cursing in Romanian. The video's after the jump. Thanks, Mircea!

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