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VIDEO: God's ringtone is a V10-powered Audi R8

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Click above for a gallery of the V10 Audi R8.

We've been following the developments surrounding the V10-powered R8 for what seems like eons. But today, we received the most definitive proof yet; engine-bay shots and a video of a white prototype shot in Florida. According to members of AudiWorld, a few V10 mules have been handed out to current, and supposedly trustworthy, R8 owners for evaluation, sporting oval exhaust pipes and a revised fascia. While that's a rather unconventional move on Audi's part, it's proof that the automaker is getting ready to launch the new RS8 (or R10) in the near future.

Hit the jump to hear the V10-powered R8 stretching its legs.

Gallery: Spy Shots: V10 Audi R8

[Source: AudiWorld via German Car Scene]Continue reading VIDEO: God's ringtone is a V10-powered Audi R8

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