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VIDEO: Haven't you always wondered? ROUSH vs. SALEEN

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Click above to watch the Saleen S281 and Roush 427R do battle
While Saleen and Roush have always been competitors for the dollars of Mustang lovers everywhere, the two companies have somehow managed to co-exist for decades. But which makes a better Mustang? Former FIA F300 driver Derek Hill of Web Rides TV had the opportunity to pit the Saleen S281 against the Roush 427R to see which legendary pony car tuner would come out on top.

At first, the battle of the two supercharged Mustangs doesn't look like a fair fight. The S281 has 465 hp and 425 lb-ft, some 30 more horsepower and 25 more lb-ft than the 427R. The S281 also weighs 300 lbs. less than the more visceral 427R. As New York Giants fans can attest, however, just because one team looks better on paper, when the game is being played, anything can happen. Hit the jump to view a video of the 427R against the S281 in 0-100-0, slalom, and on-track tests. The video is incredible, and the two vehicles aren't nearly as evenly matched as you might think.

[Source: Web Rides TV]
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