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vinyl wrap my roof and spoiler

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ok...please help me decide on what color of vinyl
to install on my roof and spoiler. I have a silver GSR

A: matte black roof and spoiler

B: gloss black roof and spoiler

C:carbon fiber roof and spoiler

D: Just leave it alone
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I like the matte look, what about a dry CF vinyl?
E. Sky Blue
First image I could find of the color scheme I'm visualizing:
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Maybe just the roof
I like the matte look, what about a dry CF vinyl?
yeah I'm leaning towards matte black coz I'll be installing matte black rpf1's...I'm worried on how the matte black will look like tho..anyone did that to their wing on silver evo x?
this was my ex wife

not an evo but u get the idea, matt black on silver
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I'd say dry carbon roof and leave the spoiler
I'd say dry carbon roof and leave the spoiler
Just the roof in Matt. Im doing the same on mine.
I have my roof matte black (actually the whole car is matte) I love the look of the black roof, I had my roof done in matte black for a year before I decided to do the whole car.. In my opinion, if you wrapped the spoiler it would just look like it was unpainted.. Wings are also very difficult to wrap. Stick with the roof. :)
Go with the matte black roof only. That what I'm going with. I think the matte will blend in better with the matte black grill.
@ OP: why does your signature block already say you have matte black roof and spoiler wrap? but your asking for what you should do for a wrap...
^lol he has an extra roof N spoiler :)
^lol he has an extra roof N spoiler :)
yup you're right my girl got me another spoiler that was FS in this forums(the graphite gray)
so I do have another spoiler...and I also bought the matte black vinyl just thinking twice if I should install it on the wing or have it repainted...oh in addition to that she bought skyflakes' rpf1s for me as a valentine's day gift lol sweet huh?;)
Gloss black roof on mine
Matte black center hood
Matte Black Top of trunk with carbon edge

Gloss black roof only
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