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VTA or Recirc intake on my t3 Turbo kit

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Ok so I bought the MAP T3 Turbo kit and was sent a VTA intake.

I noticed through all the build threads and everyone is running recirc.

Who here is running VTA?

Should I run VTA or should I send it back and get a recirculated?
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Speed circuit makes intakes that have the BOV VTA, and it shouldnt make a difference either way. A lot of people have it VTA just because its their preference. Whether its VTA or recirculated it still goes rich when you shift,
recirculated drives better , in my case it does....synapse dv :D
i'm running a synapse dv recirculated on my current setup.
synapse synchronic on mine, recirculated. recirculated seems to be more daily driver friendly, and even though there are guys who run VTA with no problem, there are a lot that do tend to piss the car off
What did MAP say when you called them to ask?
You don't have to recirc because the X has a MAP sensor. It's just preference, do you want the noise or no?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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