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The light load fuel issues are generally related to the injectors cutting in and out due to high fuel pressure augmenting the required dead times (it takes an injector longer to open as the rail pressure increases). It's important to have stable idle fuel pressure when tuning OEM ecu as it affects your overall injector scaling.

4G63 and 4B11 factory issue fuel regs don't seem to flow enough, we've seen over 80psi idle fuel pressure with an inline gauge with the factory return. Most common pumps on the market won't last long sitting at that pressure for extended periods, and the chance of a failure is significantly higher.

Also, it's poor practice to retain OEM wiring with these high current pumps. I would revisit the wiring in a few weeks and see if it's degrading. You'll find it's running around 20-30 degrees above ambient after a few hours driving.
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