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Watch out 4 this,MCR GTRvs997 GT3vsGallardo Superleggera

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No results/videos yet. It's a battle and not a single lap time on each car.

Here is the lineup:

Porsche 911 GT3 (Naoki Hattori)
Porsche 911 Turbo (Takayuki Kinoshita)
Lamborghini Gallardo Super Leggera (Daisuke Ito)
Honda NSX-R (Seiji Ara)
Nissan GT-R (Keiichi Tsuchiya)

look at the 1st video, see how the drift king flyby.
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i should put a poll on winning line up.

for me. what's yours?

3. gt3
4.911 t
5. nsx r
Since Keiichi is driving the GTR, I bet he's gonna win this. Usually he's always in the winning car, or completely in last place.
gtr lost to lambo by drivers mistake

(scrool down to see the vid)
do you agree with me... still not bad...
1. GT3
2. GT-R
3. 911 Turbo
4. Lambo
5. NSX-R

Thats what I'm calling The GT3 is like a Super 911 Turbo....The GT-Rs goal was for only the 911 Turbo... Lamborghini is heavy but makes it up with the power over the under powered NSX-R. That long straight and mid-speed/high speed corner is where the race will be decided...atleast thats what I'm calling.

However upon reading the comments its clear I'm wrong the way they spoke it looks more like

1. Lambo
2. GT-R
3. 911 T
4. NSX-R
5. GT3
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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