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weird baro readings evo scan

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I am trying to tune in WGDC (not really relevant) and have noticed my barometer readouts are way off from actual atmospheric conditions. Please see attached screenshot and log. I am seeing readouts as low as 3.87 to as high as 16 psi in the baro column and I am sure it should be close to even 14.7 at least. This is messing with my boost readout in Evoscan either making it show extremely high(when 3.87 psi baro) or a little low (when 16 psi baro). I am almost sure this is not normal but I want some input about what can cause a bad baro reading before I go and switch out the MAF. The car is a 2010 gsr rom 55570010

boost is cut off in Evoscan but its function is = (x/4*0.1953125)-[Baro]


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It's strange that your barometric pressure readings are fluctuating so wildly, especially since the barometric pressure sensor in the MAF should provide a relatively consistent reading as atmospheric pressure doesn't change that quickly or dramatically under normal circumstances.

Given your description, a couple of potential issues come to mind:

1. Faulty MAF Sensor: Since the barometric pressure sensor is located in the MAF on your Evo, a faulty MAF sensor could be causing inaccurate readings. You may want to check the wiring and connectors, clean the sensor, or potentially replace it if it's faulty.

2. Software Glitch: It's possible that there might be a bug or glitch in the software you're using. Try using a different software, if available, or updating/reinstalling your current software to rule out this possibility.

3. Incorrect Parameters: Make sure you're reading and interpreting the data correctly. Make sure you're using the correct units, and that the software is correctly calibrated for your specific vehicle and its sensors.
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@MR. EVO MR I really appreciate your insight, I will attempt to clean the sensor first and log it, if not then I will replace it at that point. As for evoscan, I am currently on evoscan 3.1 and all other parameter/displays function normally and are pretty accurate, that's what threw me for a loop with the Baro sensor. But I will attempt a reinstall as advised if the new sensor does not resolve the problem. The wiring looks in good condition, I will also spray some electrical contact cleaner in the connectors to see if that helps. Will update
It's good to hear that most of the parameters and displays in EvoScan are functioning normally and accurately. Trying a reinstall and using a new sensor are reasonable steps to take. Cleaning the connectors with electrical contact cleaner could also potentially help improve the connection. Please do update me on the results after you've completed these steps.
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