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Weird wining noise.

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As you guys know my motor blew so I got a new motor put in and they put in a new transfer case also. Ever since I've it it back it has a loud wine noise When I'm on the gas, but not when I'm not. Is that a normal Evo thing? I put the stock exhaust back on so mabye I'm just hearing noises? It's pretty loud though so I'm thinking it's not normal. Anyone know what would cause this?

heres a video.
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That doesn't sound normal. Does it do it when you are reving or only in gear and on the gas?
Any specific gear as well or is it all gears? I assume it doesn't do it when in nuetral and rolling
that might be the diff pins. I hear they make noise at light loads like that
I am getting the exact same whine off late. Thats only when i keep my foot on the gas like you are experiencing. Initially it started with a high pitch whine at high rpms only, But since two days its continuous sound.I took it to the dealer and they ordered a nex exhaust muffler and a new BOV saying that its boost or an exhaust leak.:duh: I keep telling them that I feel its TC whine, but they would just not listen. Oh well, I know the sound will show up even after they put in the parts, but what the heck new parts are always good.
By the way, My car is a 2010 GSR with 18 k miles on it. Complete Stock.
All gears 1-5. It's deff the tc. Idk what would fix it though. New seals?
that sounds like the supercharger whine in my truck
could just be the turbo whine too. Its also something that would only surface when throttle is being applied.
the sound in the video is definitely not turbo whine
i wish it was turbo wine. lol deff not.
That is NOT normal. My guess is a bad seal on your TC.
im gonna get a new seal and see where im at.
Update on the Whine

Little background on the issue..

I had a high pitched whine at 3 rd gear and high rpm and took it to the dealer. They assumed its a leaking muffler and BOV, and ordered parts for it. Meanwhile, As i waited about a week for parts , I started getting this whine at all RPM`s which sounded EXACTLY like the video OP posted. I took it in today to put in the new parts and asked the dealer to diagnose the sound further. They got back to me saying the Transfer Case has taken a crap.I still have warranty so it should be ok.

Now, Are our TC`s that fragile? How can an integral parts such as a TC fail so easily. I have NEVER launched it, Never tracked it and also completely bone stock,Not even a tune and has a little over 18k miles on it. Its my DD and I dint want to have any reliability issues until I got a beater. So watch out for these issues everyone.
Im on my 2nd TC in 4 years and its started whining again:duh:

Either they have put your tires on rotating the wrong way (that gives off a whine like that), or that is TC whine IMO.
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