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I purchased my an AMS gen2 3076r when I noticed my manifold and Turbo had a crack. It snow balled into me replacing absolutely everything. I would like to get an idea for the max possible whp on E85 with their turbo... I'm on the fence on if I should sell it while the turbo is still new. It claims it's a 650hp turbo and I've seen an AMS dyno graph showing 493 with their stage 1 motor..... but is there more to get out of this turbo? Is the power band worth it or should I go bigger? Research I see running this turbo is usually a basic stock engine
Rectangle Slope Plot Font Line

My snowball of a Build:
2008 Mitsubishi Evolution MR

Jacks Transmission
TC-SST OEM Repair Service - Includes Upgraded 600hp 10-Plate HD Clutch Pack
SST Damper Rebuild Service
  • New Valve Body/Mechatronic
  • New OEM SST Oil Pump
  • New OEM SST Damper Speed Sensor

Rear differential rebuild/upgrade

Shepherd Racing Tcase upgrade/rebuild

AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR/Ralliart Transmission cooler

Upgraded Driveshaft - Aluminum DSS

Coilovers - BC Racing

Megan Tow arms

Whiteline control arms

Whiteline front and rear sway bars

Whiteline front and rear end links

Whiteline roll center correction kit (front lower ball joints and tie rod ends)


Ported oem Intake Manifold

JMF tubular exhaust Manifold

port matched head

Buschur Racing Darton Sleeve service

AMS TMP Camshafts: Mitsubishi Evolution X
ARP "Custom Age 625+" Headstud Kit: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X 4B11

ARP Main Studs: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X 4B11T

Manley Performance Pistons w/ Rings (9:1 C.R.): Mitsubishi 4B11 86.5mm (Upgraded Wrist Pins)

Manley Performance "Turbo Tuff" I-Beam Steel Connecting Rods: Mitsubishi Evolution X w. 625+ Bolts

GSC Power Division Beehive Spring Set with Titanium Retainer: Mitsubishi Evolution X

Ferrea 6000 Series Valves 1mm+ Exhaust Valves : Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11

Ferrea 6000 Series Valves 1mm+ Intake Valves : Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11

ATI Super Harmonic Damper 3% underdriven

Mishimoto Dual oil cooler

Intercooler and Turbo:

ETS 08-15 Mitsubishi Evo X Intercooler, 3.5" Core, GOLD Anodized, NO Stencil

AMS Performance Intake: Mitsubishi Evolution X, Polished Piping, with Breather Bungs

AMS Performance Upper Intercooler Pipe

AMS Performance Lower Intercooler

ATP turbo compressor upgraded outlet

Tial QR Blow off Valve - Recirculated

AMS Performance STX500 Upgraded Turbo Mitsubishi EVO X 08-15

Fuel System:

Buschur Racing Double Pumper stock fitment setup

FIC1650cc fuel injectors

Gauges and controllers:

AEM Digital Wideband UEGO 4.9 LSU

innovative E85 flex fuel kit

AEM Digital Boost Display

Grimmspeed Electronic Boost Controller

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I really appreciate you taking the time to reply @chetrickerman . Do you think this would be a good turbo to finish the build off with:

I will be using it for street and track days. I want to make sure I have the best spool/whp combo. Right now my weak spot is the sst (Ill blow money on axles after the tune).... the 10 disk clutch is rated at 600hp which if I remember correctly is whp. My 98 GSX is 600whp so I think in that area I'll be happy as long as the power band and spool are still good for track days. Not hitting 500 seems too little, I would be embarrassed if someone asked how much hp with the money spent.

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I have a Gen 2 GTX3576 and it currently makes 521whp on 93. Also there is a guy on youtube called 40RollX,
. Check his comments. I think he is around 670whp with a bigger inlet and built head with cams, but you know how youtube can be.
The ATP gen 2 does claim its 750 crank capable. I may go with that atp 3576 gen 2 and see if I can hit 600awhp. It'll be nuts with how fast these MRs shift. If I go up to the 3582 I'll have to change intake and change turbo outlets. LoL sucks so bad taking a loss on new parts. Good news is vividracing is trying to make me an RMA and full store credit on the turbo.... would be so awesome 👌 , I usually always use extremepsi since they hook me up but if vivid does me that solid I'll have to start using them more.
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