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What have you done to your car lately?

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I'll admit, I stole this idea from "the other place" and I noticed that Wagonator has it too.

We all do something to our cars everyday, even if it's just driving it. What have you done to yours today?

I removed the side mouldings from my P5 a few days ago and it looks alot better.

I started the Civic yesterday to move it out of the way. I need to get that car back up to speed.
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Lets see..

The last thing I did to the GTO was clean the interior.
The last thing I did to the Miata was tear it apart, fixed some wiring, and started a new project with it for the new intake.
Today, I starred at the engine bay thinking of ways to cut off some pieces and moving some things around making way for the new ic.

AND I'm about to start tearing the carpet out. I don't know why I'm doing it, I just want to do it.
Haha, yea.

I've taken the car apart tons of times just to do it.
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